What We Do

Media Relations

Media can be very expensive - or it can be free. When it comes to advancing your political or public relations goals, a winning press strategy makes all the difference. From developing your message to serving as your spokesperson, Stenhouse Strategies understands how to get your story told in a way that shapes public debate and breaks through the clutter. Our clients are regularly featured in local, state and national print and broadcast outlets, as well as online and in industry publications from coast to coast.

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Opinion Pages
National Broadcast Media
Ethnic Media
Trade Publications and Blogs
National Print

For Organizations

To grow, flourish or manage crisis, organizations must be able to communicate effectively both internally and externally. It's not just about building the right narrative, but utilizing the right media platforms, training your leaders and developing dynamic content for each audience that enables you to organize, mobilize, promote and persuade. We help you navigate this complex media landscape in a way that engages employees, members, allies, elected officials and the public at large-- and delivers victories at the bargaining table, in the halls of government and at the ballot box.

For Candidates

Running for office is a big undertaking with many moving parts. Every race features unique political dynamics, but the most effective campaigns are rooted in sound fundamentals, disciplined messaging and tactical excellence. From plotting your path to victory and building your team, to developing the fundraising and field operations you need to resource your effort and reach voters, Stenhouse Strategies understands how to create successful campaigns from the ground up. Equally important, we provide the integrated message development and media services that you need to win in the press, on the debate stage, over the airwaves and on election-day.

Issue Advocacy, Ballot Measures and Coalitions

In today's polarized political environment, it is not always enough to have good ideas or be on the right side of the facts. Often, you need a comprehensive approach and a targeted media strategy that defines the issue first, organizes allies, mobilizes action and wins votes. Stenhouse Strategies has worked with think tanks, labor unions, and non-profit organizations to develop integrated earned, paid and digital media programs with these goals in mind. Over the years, we have helped our clients organize millions of supporters, generate tens of millions of dollars in free media coverage, and win major policy victories at every level of government.